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You can make a full-time career from your creative talents when you start demanding respect (wot…did you think I was going to say your worth?)

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Thank you everyone💗

Running wotsonyourmind has been a dream even though I have not consistently posted but it’s time to say goodbye (cue Andrea Bocelli singing😫). I’m starting a new blog with everything that I have learned from Wotsonyourmind. There’ll be another post soon with details of the new blog and what you can expect. It’s still going…

Funny Things that Happen on Zoom

If y’all didn’t know by now…I’m African. And Africa has its own set of rules that the rest of the world might not get and our own sense of humor that borders on ludicrous. So I was having a Zoom meeting for work and it was one of those discussions where they are doing housekeeping…

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