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Article Published on Mail and Guardian!!!🤩🤩🤩

Hey there…oh where have I been? Good question…that I’ll answer in another post….but right now I’m so excited because your girl has been published in the “Mail and Guardian South Africa”! My article got picked up and here’s the link https://mg.co.za/africa/2022-06-02-africans-abroad-living-the-dream-in-south-africa/ Also I have a vlog out about “A Day in the Life of a… Continue reading Article Published on Mail and Guardian!!!🤩🤩🤩

Failing to Adult: Bills Accruing

Growing up was one of my biggest dreams while growing up with…big scam. No one tells you about how much of your life when you with your parents was being covered by guardians. I imagined the freedom and the ability to buy and do whatever I wanted. And I thought that I was going to achieve it because I managed to move out…with unexpected extra costs that have made my move bumpy and made sure that I couldn’t exactly move the way I wanted.

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