UDVENCHURs in Exposureland: Coffee and Fried Chicken

Y’all ever noticed that when you work for people for free they treat with with some attitude and condescension? Ow, you still working for exposure? So yeah you know.

It was many a year ago when I volunteered to work for this place that required an article a week. I got free internet and coffee so I thought I was okay with that. Fresh out of high school and also freshly out of any reason my parents had to give me money I didn’t fully realize that I needed money to get to work or that I needed money to like eat…because I needed fuel for work.

The owners of the place where I worked claimed that they had no budget for workers but it was with great interest that I began to notice that they would buy themselves hefty breakfast,lunch and dinner while I sipped coffee quietly everyday (of course it wasn’t in their budget to share their food God forbid).

I’m not sure about the rest of you all but when I’m not being given money I’m not motivated to work at all so eventually they got a little irritated that I wasn’t forking out as many articles as they thought I would and I was rather getting frustrated that they wanted to go through a thousand edits on a sugary coffee budget. That’s where I learnt to limit the amount of edits that a customer is allowed because really they can be very unreasonable… especially when I’m sipping coffee while they’re eating four pieces of fried chicken and a hefty portion of chips.

My mother once told me that you only notice the things that someone spends their money on if you’re significantly poorer or if they’re being very stingy when they shouldn’t be. I suppose in that circumstance I fit both categories.

Well of course I wasn’t noticing the cost of their cars(well above $3000 and always had enough fuel to drive to numerous places and “necessary” meetings a day, the cost of their fuel (in my country it was about $1.25 USD per litre back then and the tank was always at least half full), the cost of their clothes and shoes (they did like their brand label clothes) and I for sure didn’t calculate the cost of rent for the bachelor pad one of them stayed in (approximately $150 per month and they could have chosen a bedsitter in a more comfortable area for $100 if they were looking). I definitely wasn’t crazy enough to calculate how much they spent on eating out instead of packing lunch everyday…that was about $8usd per day which they could have halved and given me.

After a few months of irritating each other I simply chose one day to stop digging through the furniture and my mother’s purse for transport money while others completely disregarded how I was surviving. I stayed at home and used whatever data bundles I got to promote my work. After all…my home has a kitchen with food and weirdly enough…no coffee.

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