As I learned in the book “Let’s pretend this never happened” life is simply an illusion of what we perceive it to be. What is normal? And whatever is abnormal now might probably be normal later. I mean many of the expressions we use today were nonsense words that Shakespeare created right? That’s the beauty of creativity. You make people believe in your foolishness. And just as an addition please don’t ask me which expressions Shakespeare made up, I don’t know, don’t put me in a tight position. There’s a thing called Google for that. Let’s not embarrass each other here (me in particular).

Jenny ( the author of the book “let’s pretend this never happened”) (don’t ask me for her last name, no one remembers those until you’re insanely famous. I gave you the title of the novel that should be enough) talks about how the plural of fox should be foxen because ox-oxen, fox-foxen. Which makes perfect sense because the English language in general doesn’t.

Which got me thinking about following language and grammar rules. It’s no wonder that those who are not born into the English language or surrounded by it have troubles with it their whole lives. Why is ghost not pronounced “fost” or at least tough pronounced like “tug”. Why are Americans complicating the language by having their own version of it? Why must I be surprised when I ask for a biscuit in different English speaking countries and get something ridiculously different in each country. In my country, sadza is pap is nstime is whatever else but concept is the same. Perhaps we lack imagination…or a history of running away from the crown to evade taxes (look at who’s American history knowledgeable. I’ve redeemed myself from the ignorance of not knowing expressions Shakespeare made up or my fav author’s last name…yes I have, don’t argue).

I remember as a child we had to fork out a composition every single day. I remember I kept making errors in mine and my teacher kept sending me back to rewrite it. Unfortunately it reached a point where I had erased it so much the page was black and she sent me back again to write on a white page (if a social justice warrior read this they’d go crazy on black Twitter). I did rewrite it on a different page. As I look back I should have taken a stance and taken a white pencil color and written on the badly blackened page. Perhaps prove that all forms of creation can live in harmony. We don’t always have to do it in the way that’s expected.

Perhaps that’s why I purposefully misspell and use bad grammar at times when writing. It’s just fun to change the rules. Why must the first letter always be capital? Even autocorrect is rather stuck in it’s old ways. Why yes, I spellen that karakt. Even though it must be rather vexing if autocorrect had emotions my actions would probably send it to therapy. Perhaps I should behave myself. Either way I’m still using “foxen”. You can’t stop me.

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