Wot’s On Your Mind This Week: Growing a Pair This COVID-19 Season

I hate to agree with previous generations but this generation is a bunch of pansies. Let’s not sugar-coat anything. Our forefathers went through liberation wars, depressions, recessions, poverty, hunger, joblessness and the list goes on and never did they tell each other “take a moment to look after your mental health”. Why? Because they grew up knowing they had to be mentally strong and willing to face whatever came their way. So when things got tough they didn’t fill up with bathtub and throw in a bath bomb in order to de-stress so they wouldn’t feel overwhelmed and anxious. They fought through the anxiety and depression until they reached their goals and fulfilled their responsibilities. So what if they couldn’t operate a laptop? They could survive whatever circumstance life handed them.

Just like responsibility, mental fortitude should be instilled in a child while they are young but since we live in a world where people like to tell children and even adults that they’re special for no reason whatsoever (even if they’re total bums and losers) this generation is ill-equiped to face the reality of real challenges life throws (unless you’re coming from super strict parents or are Chinese. We read “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”). The moment things become too tough, the pansies are now all reading articles on mental health instead of anticipating and preparing for whatever turn the world will take so that they’re career and livelihood is protected. Now I’m not going to be giving a step by step formula on how to do that because hey, I’m not here to hold your hand. I’m here to kick your butt. Call me your Fairy Buttkicker.

  1. Realize that you are royally effed if you don’t start strategizing right now

Productivity is probably at the lowest ever in decades due to the fact that many workers are just not used to working from home. Not only that, because we have not raised an easily adaptable generation they are going through mental strain that will heavily impact the quality of work they produce. I have been noticing that companies that never used to post remote work are now posting positions on an almost daily basis on many sites (I won’t mention which ones because I know that the moment I do everyone will go flooding there and I’ll lose out on jobs. Hey, I got my own interests to protect as well lol). This also signals that companies are also identifying their less productive workers or less necessary positions and unless you live in France where it’s demonically hard to fire a person even if they’re super lazy then your company is probably looking to get rid of you. And after your savings have been drained by this extended lockdowns will you be able to survive just off benefits or welfare. Will your parents even be able to afford to have you in their house if push comes to shove. And for those not coming from countries will welfare and stuff( like me) doesn’t the prospect of possible homelessness frighten you? Yeah get your but out, take out a piece of paper and starting surfing the web like a madman for work you can do on the side and even better start that business you’ve been putting off for years. And make sure it’s relevant to the paradigm shift that is currently happening.

Now I’m not the type that lengthens an article longer than it needs to be in order to reach a certain word count so one point is literally all you need to build your mental fortitude because you need to realize that it’s no laughing matter what will happen if you are not being productive now! If you’re waking up at ten in the morning and a report is due at eleven, do you think they can’t tell something you typed up in one hour or less when you had three days or more to do it? Watch an episode of “Rich Kids Go Homeless” and “Rich Kids Go Skint” if you think you can live a life without enough money easily. Fighting through whatever anxiety is making you sleep more or be less productive will only stress you to a certain point because you have to realize that even in physical exercise your muscles need to feel the burn to grow stronger otherwise they’ll never be strong enough to compete. And right now we are competing professionally. So do yourself a favor and grow a pair.

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