Storytime: Tatenda on Not Accepting Small Clients

I have a freelancing creative friend named Tatenda and in fact I have so many Tatendas I know both male and female that it’s not a major issue that I used their real name. The name is quite common in my country. Tatenda is quite skilled at videography and editing. People know this and one day a fellow creative client approached them. The client was a poet we’ll call her Slam. Slam instead of trying to promote her fellow creative’s work asked for a discount because she complained that the prices were too high.

Now Tatenda has a big heart and decided to do the work for them at a very discounted price. So Slam paid half the amount upfront then Tatenda took a video for Slam and edited it. This is where the issues began. Slam wasn’t satisfied with the video editing and asked for alot of re-edits, additions and subtractions that she had not mentioned before filming. When. Tatenda did all that, Slam went on to demand subtitles as though she had asked for subtitles from the word go. Tatenda added the subtitles at no added cost which Slam never thanked her for.

Eventually after a while Slam uploaded the video that Tatenda had made of her. Slam at this point had not paid the balance of the money that she owed Tatenda. Tatenda was shocked to see that the video had minor edits done by someone else and that someone else was credited for the videography at the end of the video. When Tatenda confronted Slam about this Slam said that she had had to hire someone else because she had been unsatisfied with Tatenda’s work. Of course Tatenda was furious because this so-called better videographer had not taken the actual footage and done only minor edits. In fact the subtitles used were still the same ones Tatenda had worked hard on!

When Tatenda told this story she didn’t know what course of action to take against Slam. To me it seemed like Slam was just trying to escape paying Tatenda the rest of the money. Slam was obviously broke and the cost of taking legal action would probably cost more than the money you’d recover in the end. Tatenda wanted to expose her on social media but then again no one wants a reputation for that I mean look at what Tati did to James Charles. At the end of the day I ended up saying that next time don’t work with small clients. The small clients are always the ones that give the biggest headaches.

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