Why I Write

To be honest most of us start out in this line of work without much money. I don’t have much money at the moment either. Then why am I giving advice, you ask? Because I’ve got years loads of mistakes I’ve made that you can avoid making. And I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s tired of reading blogs and websites by people who are already way up there in the creative sphere who only tell bits and pieces of their struggle up when they’re done struggling. It’s frustrating because it’s like they went from zero to one hundred really fast. Most of us don’t know how to jump from the bottom of the stairs to the top. The worst is that they often advertise these programs after giving us snippets of advice on how to become successful that cost enough to make us blink twice…for the rest of our lives.

As a creative I fell into the trap of not concentrating on my craft so that it could start producing a viable income in a good amount of time so I ended up side-tracked by life-draining jobs like waitering and being a receptionist. Often times actors, writers, artists etc say that they were waiters to help build their career. What they don’t mention is that those jobs literally suck the life out of you. The majority of creatives who get side-tracked by these professions end up stuck in them (forever thinking that one day they’ll get their big break) or they give up (which is better than waitering for the rest of your life) and choose “sensible professions”. Either way though, you end up deviating from the original dream.

That’s why I write this blog. Because I’m building myself up from close to the bottom and when I get to the top you’ll see every step I took to get there . Plus, I don’t like teaching that much so I won’t be presenting an exclusive paid program when I get to that success. I’m not a hand-holder, whatever you don’t see in this blog means that you have to learn for yourself.

Personally, I’m not meant to work for other people I believe. At least in the traditional sense. I hate the condescension that superiors often have, the misogyny and sexual harassment that goes on in the workplace that’s almost completely untalked about. Working as a creative for my own company gives me the equality with clients that I desire. When you’re producing a product for a client they need to be on their best behaviour because social media had taught us (Hello H and M) that no one is big enough to not have justice meted out for their unruly and unchecked behaviour (Hello Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein).

When I first started going full-time freelance I had one month to pay my rent before I was chucked out. A situation quite like Jordan Makelle’s minus the husband ( and I suspect she’s minused the husband herself with the sudden name change). Unfortunately I didn’t have the happy ending that she had of finding out she could make thousands in a month and make rent. I ended up moving back in with my mother. Which led me to looking for jobs again. After working for a place that could possibly be a cover for a money-laundering scheme and getting underpaid for it too…I made the final vow (I’d made the vow before but this time it’s final) to not be anyone’s permanent employee again. I’ve been paid much more and more respectably for freelance gigs than anything else I’ve ever done but somehow the false security of a job kept reeling me back in.

So here I am, honestly I’m on ground zero again. The first steps I’m taking are upgrading my LinkedIn which I realized was lacking sadly and setting up websites that I should have set up long ago…when I had money to remove the wordpress.com from them. Of course there’s much more to my story then that which I might share if I’m in a more share-y mood. I know that there may be a few creatives out there that might get hope again. The thing is that maybe I’ll share more if I have more chocolate in my system. But I think for now this is a good start.

To support my chocolate addiction and motivate me to write on this blog here’s my PayPal : http://www.paypal.me/tanatswaforever

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