On Treating Your Art Form As an Enterprise Part Deux

Heya! We’re continuing the dreary business of treating our art-form as a business. You heard me mention in the previous post that I operate under my own brand called “Lurk in Your Quirk”. What inspired me to name it that? We’ll talk about that another day…if I feel like it..Wot? A fellow creative should know that other creatives are temperamental…

Since we talked about goals previously, we need to get into what we always were told in high school but never listened to and that is that goals should be SMART. Short of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-sensitive. Now let’s go through this boring alphabet together.

  1. Specific

This is where you define what you are doing as a creative. For me ” I create stories that reveal the hidden and forgotten parts of society as well as the things that people objectively refuse to see”. That’s sounds very vague but considering I’m a whirlwind of random ideas in one person it’s specific enough for me to identify which work I want done. I’ve also specified that I’m a screenwriter and into natural skincare, health and beauty which narrows down what I do to that. Although this is controversial…you dont always have to narrow down into a niche you want to do. There are many successful creatives who’s specialty is variety…the spice of life lol.

  1. Measurable

One of my goals is to have pitch a certain number of clients a month and earn at least a hundred dollars in the first three months…wot??? A hundred. Yes I’m ambitious and no I’m not crazy…at least not when it comes to making money but I realize that there’s a lot of groundwork that I need to do before I start making the real amount of money that I so desire. But when measuring your own goals…please note that I don’t currently pay rent or food so I don’t have the same rush…I’m not going to be one of those one key fits every hole people.

  1. Achievable

A hundred bucks in three months is achievable for a start for me. Sixteen thousand bucks is what I really want but I know I’m probably not going to be raking that in until end of year…which for some might still be too soon. I’m aware of my own capabilities so I push myself to points that I know aren’t too far off to discourage me. Someone once told me that give yourself a few small goals to complete in the short term and you’ll see how many long term plans which you never achieved get accomplished.

  1. Realistic

It’s perfectly realistic of me to want a Range Rover before 2022…shut up…it is…now on to the next one…

  1. Time-sensitive

Did I not just mention before 2022…ow you’re still rolling your eyes hey? Well when I’m driving my Range Rover that I bought with my money as a creative I’ll drive by you extra slow and stick out my tongue at you because I’m not petty at all.

After going through all that and establishing that no haters are getting a ride in my Range Rover…it’s important to note that you can talk all you want but until you take action then your ideas won’t mean much at all. So to be honest I was going to make another post about treating your art form as an enterprise but I think you have all the information you need now to take action. Wot? Were you expecting a four year degree? Maybe that’s what I’ll talk about tomorrow? The trap if researching too much and taking to little action…what shall I call it? Well you’ll see tomorrow. Ciao!

If you want to connect with me my PayPal is : paypal.me/tanatswaforever

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