Imma Pitch Huffington Post and They Gonna Pay Me

You’ve probably seen me side-eye Huffington Post quite a bit for having writers…ow wait, I was supposed to be writing about researching too much and acting too little…well dear person….it’s my blog. I write what I like. And today I’m writing about my pursuit of being paid by Huffington Post for writing for them.

I suppose over the years they’ve received alot of negative media concerning their lack of paying writers and they now have a portion where you can pitch and get paid for your writing. So I’m pitching to them.

Formerly you could pitch to the editor directly but it seems there has been a change in the company structure since I last checked it out and there are various people you can pitch if you want to get published by them. Her name was Caroline. I tried the email that was previously useful in pitching to her but it seems she’s no longer editor and has gone back to being a writer full-time.

So I’m going to write down a story and pitch it to the pitch section of Huffington Post which is paid (yay!) I suppose this shall start a series of posts where I hound Huffington Post until they notice me and pay me. Ciao!

If you want to connect with me here’s my PayPal: paypal.me/tanatswaforever

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