May the First Be With You…

Is that still a thing? Are we still saying this. Well boo👻. Two posts in one day! It must be your birthday or mine! Well actually it’s definitely not mine because I’m not giving myself a present by writing for other people. So you all thought that that post about researching too much and not taking action wouldn’t be coming aye? You thought I’m not a woman of my word aye? Well look who’s proving you wrong👻

Now I’m going to make a confession. I’m an avid researcher. Before I do alot of things I dig deep into Google and every other resource known to be at the disposal of (wo)man. Over the years all the ended up doing for me was providing other people with a whole lot of information on how to achieve their goals and ending up having achieved none myself…

I mean there is a sense of comfort when doing something and having all the information that you need in order to achieve what you want to achieve but the more I researched the more I realized that those achieving extraordinary results were those that took action with little to no information but because they had a goal in mind they just did it. I remember the days when Mary Kay was one of the few MLMs out there and my mom had joined the cult…I mean company. One of the tapes ( those things existed in the early 2000s. I don’t know if I just revealed how young I am or how old I am) talked about how the body and wings of the bumble bee make it scientifically impossible for it to fly, but no one told the bumble bee that so it just keeps on flying.

So I realized that I could be an intellectual giving everyone else the information that they needed to achieve their goals or I could be a bumble bee and just fly. But me being me I’ve decided to plead the third. I’ll be the intellectual bumble bee. But now when I do something I’ll research as I do it, as I make mistakes and ultimately as I make money👻

Now I know I used the ghost emoji alot today and whatever it’s my blog hey. I think it’s becoming a bit out-dated to rule out emojis and abbreviations from professional writing. They’re so widespread that it might as well be incorporated into the language. I mean when they made these rules they didn’t have fun keypads with emojis did they?👻

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