Thriving on Faith and Generosity

I’m currently operating solely on my phone. Why? Because my laptop hard drive crashed. It’s been a while now but I haven’t had the opportunity to buy a new one yet. When a hard drive crashes a part of your soul crashes with it because your information is lost possibly forever. A lot of creatives think that you need to have all your gear together in order to do well in your industry and I’m here to tell you before I boom that all you need is faith and determination. God will make a way.

Soon after the lockdown started in my country I was offered an online posting gig that didn’t pay much but gave me enough so that I could go online and decide how I wanted to progress in my career. I do not live a walking distance to any form of internet and rely on buying bundles to stay connected. Buying bundles costs money which is something that most creatives don’t have when they begin their careers or try to expand them. The job I had just left had literally paid peanuts so I don’t have anything left from there as well. But God made a way to make sure that I had enough to get data and that’s what I’ve been thriving on this entire month.

Now my data is running out and I’m starting to feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. But because I have the power of creativity and a few friends on WhatsApp on my side I’m not giving up. You see in my country if you don’t have money there’s no such thing as welfare, benefits, overdraft, credit etc…in fact we don’t even have credit cards, only debit cards. When you don’t have money, you don’t have money, YOU DON’T HAVE MONEY. But with the amount left from the small gig I did I’ve managed to buy WhatsApp bundles that allow me to stay connected to friends that do have internet and who I trust enough to send my posts and post on my behalf on this blog.

This reminds me of Bamidele Onabulasi’s story. He didn’t have a computer or internet but worked out a bargain with a local internet cafe owner to be allowed to use his computers as he worked for free. Now he’s one of the authority’s with his blog writersincharge.com. I suppose I write this because I want people to be there with me as I’m at the bottom as see me as I rise from the ashes like a phoenix. So considering that I’m using a phone and the kindness of my WiFi-ed friends around me to manage my writing what’s stopping you from achieving your goals? I mean, the fact that you have access to this blog means that you have some access to a device and internet. What are you using it for?

If you want to connect with me, here’s my PayPal 😋. C’mon, mama needs a new laptop and WiFi at home. http://www.paypal.me/tanatswaforever

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