WAyZ TuH PaY a WrITerR ConVenientlY

Fade in

Ext.int: bank with world remit services

Tanatswa (24, almost 25, tallish pretty girl with a perpetual smile on her face) walks into a bank with world remit services. She enters a short queue where people go to collect money from World Remit.


(Facing screen)

I come from a country where it’s difficult and sometimes impossible to get money out of PayPal. And being a self-employed creative I often come into contact with customers who want to use it as the only payment method…

*The queue continues to move.*


It can be really frustrating when I can’t transfer the money from PayPal to my account or at least get hard cash.

*It’s now Tanatswa’s turn. She approaches the cashier. Gives her a slip with the details. The cashier smiles. Counts the amount Tanatswa is collecting and hands it to her. Tanatswa smiles back at the cashier, takes the money and leaves the banking area.*

Ext. Shopping mall

*Tanatswa walks down the street.*


It’s really relieving when once every while I get a client who understands my needs and is considerate enough to send money in the most convenient way possible for me. Which for now is World Remit.

*Tanatswa walks into a gelato place, buys her favorite flavor and walks out.*


Now I can reward myself for my hard work with a gelato paid for in cash. Now is that too much to ask?

*Tanatswa continues to walk around the shopping mall, window shopping and occasionally getting something here and there.She looks happy and content as we…*

Fade out

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