As Cryptic as Ayn Rand

Atlas Shrugged is a novel that many successful people quote and reference as a book that inspired their success. “Who is John Galt?”has almost become common code for the elite of the successful. Reading that book for the first time in was left confused and pondering over the meaning of the entire story.

Ayn Rand was a controversial Russian immigrant philosopher in America. Her persistence in achieving what she wanted and expressing herself made her a formidable figure. And ironically her bestseller Atlas Shrugged was rejected by multiple publishers because it was too intellectual. But she said I don’t care, I write what I like.

The message she had was not for everyone but for those who stretch themselves and don’t expect everything to be served on a platter. There are messages that only those that are willing to see beyond will ever understand. Perhaps that’s why Jesus spoke in parables. He made it clear that the message he had was not for everyone but “he who had ears let him hear,”

Are we using are ears to hear? Are we using our eyes to see? Or are we blind-folded and wearing ear muffs while waiting for a silver spoon to feed us? Perhaps that’s why no matter how much information is in the world right now, the eighty twenty rule still stands strong. Twenty percent of the population will always own eighty percent of the wealth or the success. And we can say it’s because of luck or is it because they are listening?

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