An Interview with Joseph, Son of Israel about Keeping Your Dreams to Yourself

Today I have an exclusive interview with one of the greatest dreamers that this world has ever known… Joseph,son of Israel. In his millennia he saved entire nations from starving to death(something horrific to a foodie like me) because of his dreams and talent. Here I interview him the lounge of my mind where he lets me into his life, his secrets, his successes and failures.

Me:( walking into my mind lounge where Joseph sits comfortably on a couch-lile throne) Hello Mr. Son of Israel.

Joseph: Please call me Joseph.

Me:How do you do?

  • We shake hands and I take my seat next to him in an equally luxurious couch*

Me: How does it feel to be the second most important man in the world?

Joseph: Well to be honest…I’ve had a few experiences in my life that taught me that pride comes before a fall so I just don’t let it get to my head and be humble.

Me: what a gentlemanly answer and what taught you this?

Joseph: lol(yes, he said lol, it’s in my mind’s lounge so he said “lol”. Keep reading, no questions), don’t try and flatter me. But really I was really a pompous jackass growing up. Pardon my language but I don’t have a better word for it. I was my father’s favourite and I would rub it in their faces. He bought me this Technicolor coat that I would always flaunt around them and I was the worst snitch ever. I can understand their hatred of me now because hey I must have really been a thorn in the side.

Me: well all siblings have quarrels.

Joseph: I suppose so and honestly if I had left it at that perhaps my brothers wouldn’t have gone as far as that. But I would have these dreams from God where I would rule over them. Even though I was my dad’s favorite he even got pissed off with me. I guess I should have kept the dreams to myself though. And if there’s any lesson that anyone gets from this interview,it’s to be humble and keep your dreams to yourself until they are fulfilled.

Me: why’s that?

Joseph: because to stop my dream from coming true my brothers initially tried to kill me then decided against it and sold me into slavery…

Me: I’m suddenly glad that I’m an only child…

Joseph: well we had less human rights back then…

Me: I can see that. But now you’re the second most powerful man in the world so despite their interference your dreams came true!

Joseph: Yes that’s the positive side of this story…but God’s not limited. I believe that I went through that really hard path because I was not humble and couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I lost many years with my family and father because of my hard-headedness.

Me: But what about your brothers?

Joseph: well, they stay in Egypt now and we’re on better terms. I’ve come to learn how to treat people better and not Lord over them. But I’ve also learned to keep my dreams to myself. Let people get jealous when you’re already there.

Me: do you think that’s the same for creatives?

Joseph: especially creatives! Your ideas are the fuel to your destiny and success and if you want to spread them around like wildfire you’ll often met with people like my brothers or worse. So many creatives are jaded and discouraged because their ideas have been stolen or stopped by bad people.

Me: wow, I hope no one tried to lynch me for this blog…

Joseph laughs. I stare critically at the person reading this

Joseph: Well anyway, no matter what happens, all’s well that ends well. The very people that manipulated me now rule me…

Me: Is that the same for creatives?

Joseph: God no! Y’all share your ideas and dreams and get manipulated until you die with unpaid bills while they make millions. Don’t you know that’s how your industry works? Which is ridiculous because your industry is a billion dollar one…

Me: how do you know that

Joseph: I’m w figment of your imagination so I know it because you do.

Me: stop ruining the validity of this interview!

Joseph: I think interviewing a person that died before Moses did that already…

I stick out my tongue and Joseph laughs and disappears like the Cheshire cat. Mouth vanishing last

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