Lessons I Learned from my Dysfunctional Namesake Tana Mongeau

I kid you not I once had a person on Facebook send me a friend request because she thought I was a Tana Mongeau fan. She thought that the name on my Facebook “Tanatswa” was a fangirl shifting her name to match the person she admired. Which was ridiculous to me because I’m older than Tana, if anything she copied my name lol. I suppose that I have to explain now that Tana is the short version of my name that most people call me by. The other one is Tannie but that’s not important and I’ve found it less appealing since a friend of mine told me it means old auntie I’m Afrikaans.

Besides that I used to watch Tana Mongeau’s channel alot. Not because I particularly liked her but the girl was entertaining and a good storyteller. She was( and still is ) a shameless degenerate (I can’t judge thought because I went through my own shameless degenerate phase myself.) She’s been in more scandals than I can count yet she’s still thriving in her proven profession. I’ve since stopped watching Tana because I’m older now and on a cleaner path so her content no longer appeals to me. What fascinates me about her though is that where others have been canceled out of YouTube for doing less than her, Tana has thrived and survived iDubbz( who has destroyed other YouTubers careers), TanaCon, marrying Jake Paul and her scatter brained MTV channel. She’s shown that she’s a dysfunctional human being in general but she keeps moving forward and thriving.

That changed my perspective ok success. We all probably grew up viewing successful people as perfectiom itself and people who never stumbled or fell. Tana has proved that perhaps successful people( however you deif e success) are those that keep getting up,not giving up and moving forward despite what everyone thinks of them. I think you’ve probably read me referring to her as a shameless degenerate a couple of times now and that just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to words people have used to describe her. Yet she’s still there.

I also learned to not apologize for being who I am. I know that Tana strays too much on the side of debauchery but if we all stuck to our values and dreams as she has then we would be too busy living our dreams instead watching YouTubers live theirs. We don’t need to hide the vulnerable and suffering side of us.

I write this as a creative because the area of creativity thrives on our human stories, our weaknesses and fears and moments of downfall. They’re inherently what make us human. And they’re necessary to our growth and development.

I guess I could have learned these things from a more wholesome source but hey, we share a name so she got preference.

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