Duh Plunt Dah Gits Ahud Stay Ahud

“Duh plunt day Gits Ahud Stay Ahud” which translates to the person that manages to get ahead of others stays ahead of others. It’s a theory on success that I read before. Botanically speaking, when one plants beds of flowers and puts seeds inside, there are always flowers that thrive and flowers that die or don’t sprout. One of the reasons why is because one seed will somehow position itself to be advantaged when receiving water and nutrients from the soil even if it is at the expense of the other flower. The result is that that flower grows faster and as it grows faster and taller it receives more sun. Because it’s getting more sun and more water it keeps growing better and faster. The flowers beside it because they haven’t managed to get enough water and nutrients and sunshine don’t ever grow as tall or produce as much as the main flower.

Psychologists have started to apply this theory to humans. Humans who are given more resources and stable families continually outdo and have better lives than those coming from broken homes and poverty. Once these humans grow up the get more opportunities (sunshine) than those from other situations. And because of that they stay at the top. Sunshine always comes to them first. Thats why the rich get richer and the poor stay poorer.

Well if that’s the case, what’s the point of even trying? ” Well the thing is we’re not flowers we’re human. When you become aware of something you can change it. If you’re aware that you’re not in the percentile that gets alot of sunshine unlike the flower, you can shift your roots until you are at a place that allows you to grow and thrive. You need to find a way to get more water,more nutrients and more sunshine.

It’s the same in the creative industry. We know that we all have our top flowers that we all aspire to be. Find a way to take their sunshine. I’m not talking about being unscrupulous here, I’m saying you have to be proactive in growing otherwise you’ll always be a withered flower standing next to a thriving flower.

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