Keep Your Ideas to Yourself

When I was starting off as a creative the worst piece of advice that I was given from a screenwriting book was not to be afraid to share your ideas. That only newbies and hacks are afraid of sharing their ideas and having them stolen. And with time I realized that that was the worst piece of advice I was ever given and which resulted in someone feeling that they had the right to steal my idea, disrespect me and use it because they had the resources at the time to implement it.

Let me start off with this. The movie “Avatar” is one of the highest if not the highest grossing movie of all time. But James Cameroon held on to the story idea for over twenty years until he had the resources and the technology was available to produce it. He didn’t start sharing his idea with the hope of getting funding or support for it neither did he sell it off as a screenplay. He waited and reaped the benefits. Never underestimate the power of your idea.

Now let me continue with this. I had an idea that I introduced to someone to be implemented. As they implemented it I noticed that they were taking full control of things and being rude to me in the process. After a while I wanted to take the reigns of my idea again and told them that we should operate as a joint venture between our brands. But no they wanted to operate it under their brand only and said that I would have to contribute financially. I was willing to and able to at the time. But when I told them that they brushed me aside. So I left the project and decided to pursue my own thing under my brand. I learned the hard way what happens when you share your ideas and don’t protect your intellectual properties. So this is something I’m very passionate about these days. The first thing I tell upcoming creative is keep your ideas to your self. It may take some time to get resources but always remember that your idea is the most important thing.

The creation of God and the world all began with an idea. Ideas are the most powerful thing we have. Don’t ever be fooled into thinking resources are. An idea is like land. Resources are like building material. What the point of having building material if you have no where to use it? But if you have land even if you’re camping everyday the land is yours and eventually you can build your dream house. It would be ridiculous to give the land away to someone who had building material then rent on their property right?

Businesses, institutions and individuals(small and large) are aware of this. In fact that’s why under many contracts there’s a clause that says any idea you have will be the patent of the company or the university you go. Didn’t know that now did you? I started to be aware of this when I watched an episode of the Big Band Theory where Howard had a brilliant idea and is getting excited to make money and provide for his family only to have his dreams crushed that because of the nature of his work contract he has nothing but rights to be named on the invention. Soon after I met an old schoolmate who had gone to a university that takes full patent of anything you create as a dissertation. It is real out there. It’s not fair and the thieves are cunning so you have to be even more cunning.

And this is how my story finishes. I had never signed a contract with this person who tried to steal my idea. Why do I say tried. Because your girl was smart enough to get a copyright of her idea (without the thief’s knowledge) under her own name and brand. Copies are at the deeds office. Because I had not signed a contract with them, they have no case against me. I’ve got a legal team ready just in case they want to fight back. But I’m letting them implement my idea anyway for now. If it ever booms…then bang…imma make my money. And even if they read this, they can’t do anything about it😝( screw you thief, I’ll see you in court). Let me tell you now that this field is full of sharks and if you want to be a guppy you’ll be eaten alive. Your enemies are cunning, so be even more cunning.

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