Two Scenarios on Sharing Ideas

Scene One: Bad Way to Share Ideas

Extracalifragilisticembialidocious walks into a creative community. Today is the day that they’re sharing ideas. Extra( short form of her name. Did you think I’m dextrous enough to type that name again and again for this entire roleplay?) excitedly takes a seat on a chair in the circle. Introductions happen and she goes way into detail about all he hopes and dreams when it comes to her creative life. A lot of people perk up at this.

As the creative group goes on Extra doesn’t notice that although she’s one of the least experienced creatives, she’s one of the people who talk the most and are contributing the most ideas.

After the meeting she happily goes home where she’s staying in a dilapidated building in a decentish neighborhood rent-free because they used to be the worker building for the posh people that once lived there. Hopefully it won’t be demolished before she’s financially stable and might have to move back to her parents.

A year later, Extra has been attending creative workshops religiously but for some reason hasn’t made much progress in her own career. One evening on a laptop that she managed to scrap enough money for she sees a new series on Netflix that looks disturbingly like a series that she had an idea for. She tries to dismiss it as a coincidence until she notices the screen credits crediting the idea of the show to a “bigwig” that used to attend the creative workshops and not contribute much but always listen. She feels a tug at her heart as she knows that it can’t just be a coincidence …


Scene Two: Good Way to Share Ideas

After finding out that her idea had been made into a Netflix show without her being included or even being created in it’s making Extra decided that that couldn’t be the path she was destined for as a creative. First of all she decided to cut out the creative group completely. It wasn’t a grudge or anything but she realized that she had made little progress in her career despite it so it wasn’t contributing enough in her life to keep her going there.

Next she found out ways to patent and copyright her ideas. She discovered that the cheapest way that she could afford and was valid was for her to got to an attorney general with a written description of her idea and have them approve it. She couldn’t afford international patenting yet so this would do for now. Next thing she did was to cut out all free and low paying gigs from her life. That meant shutting down her profile on Fiverr. If the customers wanted her work they could find her on her about.com. Extra made a nice about.com page and posted her rates on there so that customers could Google her easily and get the information they needed. Then she started polishing up her portfolio and contacting paying people she wanted to work with. Whenever she presented an idea to potential clients she would say “I recently patented this idea…” to bring across the fact that she was legally protected from idea theft. Another year passed by and Extra was in a very different place in life. For one she could afford rent and two she was now working with Netflix on a new movie after her agent got her idea accepted by them. Suddenly the creative group she had joined was contacting her to come back…Extra thought she might…but this time she’d keep quiet and listen….

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