Trump Your Haters

I’ve been posting too much motivational stuff lately. Have I been listening to too much Anthony Robbins lately? And yes I do mean that Trump. I think the entire world is against Donald Trump as a president but I respect him as someone who does whatever he wants to no matter how big the opposition. And also I’m not American, I’m not going to hate someone over politics that aren’t mine. And before you roast me, who is the current president of my country? Mmmmm, you don’t know…yeah now shut up and read.

Trump is about the most controversial president that had ever graced the White House. I remember during his election everyone was certain that Hillary was going to win and honestly in those days when I minded others business before my own I rooted for Hillary as well. And Trump won. No matter how we insulted him, questioned his intelligence and viability as president…he still won. As Miranda Sings would say “haterz back off”.

I grew up reading Trump’s books on how to run a business and be successful in life and let me tell you something. He was a major failure in many areas of his life. Perhaps not in the stereotypical way but once he was billions of dollars in debt and got out of it. In fact Trump is still in many ways a failure in life, money doesn’t dictate everything but one thing he had never failed in his believing that he can do it and doing it. Whether what he was doing was ethical and humane is another story but we’re not concentrating on that today.

Perhaps as creatives if we had the attitude of Trump people would give us the same respect as doctors and business man. Because Trump taught me one thing…that people don’t need to like you but they need to respect you. No one can really say that they like Trump, but we respect him. Yeah, he gets blasted on Twitter, England threatens to ban him from traveling to Europe this and that but at the end of the day…no one had the guts to say it to his face(although he probably had the guts to say it to yours) and he traveled to Europe and back despite their empty threats…I suppose that’s a form of “The Art of the Deal”.

….PS: remember when I said that you can’t be a guppy in an ocean full of sharks? Yeah, this is an example of being a shark…not that you have to be an asshat in order to achieve what you want but you need the drive and relentless courage to move forward against all odds.

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