An Extremely Graphic Poem

Perhaps this is macabre

I don’t mean to be sombre

But the impact that people have on one’s life

Can either lead to death and strife

Or give one reason to survive

In this case I wished they’d choked and died

There was a wench

I shared a sports bench with

Her cruelty lay in the way that she saw fit

To criticize and ridicule everything I dealt with

From the way I spoke to the way I grieved

She saw a some witless need

To correct me like a stubborn child

When she herself had no wisdom even mild

I wished one day her tongue would swell

And fill her mouth like a flooded well

And then she’d choke and die

There was another determined jerk.

Who like to brag of his riches and lurk

Where girls hung out to brag about how he was hung

His bragging was enough to turn your mind numb

He made a point to ruin my day

Whenever he happens to pass my way

And stated that he was a gentleman to every but me

As though I should have treated that like a trophy

I wished one day he’d call flat down

And choke and die

Vicous as a viper my words may cut

But we all sometimes live dead with the bruises in our hearts

There was another, I hated her most

She would encourage everyone else to show me their worst

And make me feel stupid for just being

But she actually died

The anger I felt at her sudden passing

Was because she never saw me prosper and realize that her damage was not everlasting

As people patted me and said

“Forgiveness is the right of the dead”

I learned that wounds do not heal when we die

Or even as time flies

And not all problems will be solved if someone chokes and dies.

-An emotionally raw poem by Tanatswa Taruvinga. All rights reserved 2020. This may not be shared or copied with out express permission from the poet.

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