The Stable, Awkward Guy Versus the Attractive yet Deadly Lover

I was watching the Korean drama “I No Longer See the Smile in Your Eyes” and couldn’t help but wonder at the females in the story. Two girls fall for the same good for nothing guy both denying themselves a future with better choices which leads to both their deaths in the end.

Okay so I just summarized a 20 something episode series in just one sentence (logline expert anyone?)but I couldn’t help but wonder if we do the same thing as creatives. We go for the wonder and the seemingly dangerous and attractive rather than for the stable, not so attractive choice that eventually leads to happiness and future(not to mention a longer life). I’m not talking about settling for the nine-to-five, but just about common aspects of our careers.

I think about Rebecca Black’s song “Friday”. Bless her soul, she’s so sweet and kind. How do I know that? Because after the massive infamy of “Friday” she began a YouTube channel. The amount of hatred that was targeted towards her song was hurtful but people loved her as a lifestyle YouTuber which may have been a strong indication that her talents truly lay elsewhere. She wanted and I believe still wants the attractive and elusive singing career that has so far evaded her at every turn while a career as a YouTube personality and potentially more has always embraced her with open arms.

I’m not saying that one shouldn’t embrace what they want but I also am saying that the true road to one’s creative freedom may not be in the form they thought would manifest itself. Maya Angelou realized that she had a future in writing and later on that she wasn’t a writer who taught but a teacher who writes (she mentions that in Letter to My Daughter). Life is a constant state of self discovery I guess.

I have from my earliest memories wanted to sing but to put it plainly I can’t sing. I swear a few mirrors have thought about breaking in protest to the sounds coming out of my mouth. But dancing comes naturally to me. My parents told me from a young age that when I was a baby and I heard a radio in public I starting pumping my fists up and down to the rhythm of the music. I suppose one can call that a sign.

If I was to pursue singing in favour of dancing soon I’d fizzle out and give up because singing is the more attractive yet futureless choice for me. But dancing is the stable, awkward yet loyal guy that I will have a happy,long marriage with.

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