The Kitty that Loved Booty

Her name was Luna and she belonged to a former roommate of mine. She was introduced to the apartment after my roommate found that I had an affinity for felines, having one myself named Juniper at the time. That’s a trait rare in black Africans. Sounds stereotypical but ask anyone coming from Africa about how anyone who even has an iota of Negro blood in then feel about cats. I think PETA had a right fit if they ever read Trevor Noah’s book “Born a Crime” and crossed the story where Trevor’s pet cats were unceremoniously slaughtered one day when the family was out of the house and the Afrikaans word for “witch” smeared in the dead cat’s blood across their fence. Such a story is reality in Africa and so one would no doubt understand why she would first assess my attitude towards animals before introducing her own.

Luna had previously been in a home where the owners would go for days without feeding her so she had developed into quite a glutton. Having known the pain of going without food for unbearable stretches of time she treated every feeding like the last supper minus the holiness. In fact if one didn’t watch her quite closely she’d chase away any other animals that would be eating as well.

Despite her obvious failing she was a dear, sweet cat if not rather dumb. You could reprimand her for bad behavior as much as you liked but you could tell that it was useless. It was a big contrast to my cat who if anything was too smart for his own good. If Luna happened to sleep with you at night, she’d wake you up just before your alarm did by licking your hair. Perhaps it was a not so subtle way of saying “feed me human” but it tickled and was actually a pleasant way to wake up. Some wake up to “I love you” others wake up to kittens licking their hair. The thing I found the most amusing though was her propensity to run over and pat my butt while I was typing while lying down.

I didn’t have any furniture at the time being someone trying to establish themselves so I slept, ate and lived on the old carpet of my apartment room. And I had developed the habit of sometimes shaking my booty whenever I felt my back cramping up. I remember once typing and wiggling my booty then feeling a slight tap on my booty. Amused ( I was the only one home so I needn’t have fretted) I looked over to see Luna tap it again. From then on if the kittens were hiding from me(and if you have ever parented a cat you know they do this frequently), I would lie down and wiggle my butt and Luna would be able to resist the temptation.

If only kittens would stay kittens forever in the cuteness and innocence before they develop the aloof attitude of a grown feline. I moved out of that house and my former roommate once updated me and told me that Luna had grown into quite a big cat and would spend the day being beat up by other cats. Perhaps she was trying to steal their food the little(or should I say big) glutton. I can’t help but wonder a bit sadly if she’d still like my booty.

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