Can You Sense It?

Can you sense it? It’s in the atmosphere. We’re on the verge of something great, something new. A paradigm shift. It’s an opportunity to showcase our gifts in ways that have never been seen before because we are entering an era that we have never seen before.

Can you sense it? The restlessness of forgotten dreams being reignited in the minds of multitudes of people. We are an awakened people. Seeking to find new meaning in life after being blessed enough to survive.

Can you sense it? The marriages happening and the families forming because people suddenly realize that to face the world alone is a tragic thing. When faced with a tragedy that thing generation had never known, one realizes that it’s lonely to be alone. Can you see the bride’s smile? She’ll learn not to nag and let things go once every while. Can you see the groom’s glow? He’ll learn to be faithful and value tradition once more.

Can you sense it? The tidal wave of change. It may seem weird as the whole world is so grave. We’re stuck in the gravity of events that we cannot control and we realize that we were never in control.

Can you sense it? People praying again. Because we realize that at the end of the day what’s really important are the things that we ignore during our good times. We run to God in fear hoping he’ll hear our cries. And thank Him because He is not a man who holds grudges or a lady that will block you if she hasn’t heard from you in a week.

But I suppose that we are weak, we pretended so long to be so strong. That we could rely on our own human abilities to make the world run ,but how we have been humbled. Can you sense it?

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