I Fall to Rise Again

Through life’s faltering waters

And many incompleted plans

Though I enter lands unchartered

Ending up bruised and bent

I walk on to face more dangerous paths

Where only God knows where they pass

I’ll trip as I learn to walk

Even more as I start to run

From bondage to freedom’s sun

I fall to rise again

In the darkness of the night

Where dark clouds unfamiliar block out the light

In the whispers in the dark

In my deepest fears where I wonder if life is just a farce

In the solemn moments of reflection

Ow, is nothing more painful than introspection?

Those moments when we cannot lie

I fall to rise again

In the moments of undeniable victory

Where in heaven’s earthly bosom I’ll be

Where I feel the presence of the Lord right in front of me

I fall….

To find I’ve not fallen at all

But lifted and carried

I fall to rise again

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