7 Things About Being a Creative in Your 20s

I don’t usually ever do lists but this is definitely something that I think all young creatives should know.

  1. You’ll Probably Stay with Your Parents or Move in with Them Again

One of the things that I anticipated entering my adulthood the most was living by myself and enjoying the freedom. I never considered that the freedom came at a price called rent and other bills. Why didn’t they ever emphasis on school that you buy salt??? The costs of living just tally up again and again and eventually you realise that you can’t handle the costs on your starter creative career unless you got a lucky break and immediately start making a decent living. But for most of us we build our portfolios and work sporadically until one day we’re in the ranks of regularly having clientele that pay us well. Don’t be ashamed of living with your parents while you get yourself together.

  1. You Will Realize that Those Side Jobs Aren’t Worth It

Many creatives whether actors,writers, painters, sculptors, animators…you know what I mean will find themselves trying to supplement their incomes with part time jobs that can provide them with a more stable income. Then you get the part time job and a little bit of your soul dies with it. Being underemployed is worse than being unemployed and many times you’ll think about how much creative work you could have accomplished if you applied the same effort to your art.

  1. You’ll Wonder If It’s Really Worth It?

You’ll wonder if you shouldn’t just throw it all away and pursue a conventional career. If you do, then there’s nothing wrong with that. If you don’t than there’s nothing wrong with that.

  1. You Won’t Have All the Fancy Gear You See People On YouTube Have

Creatives on YouTube can sometimes (okay all the time) depress you when they do their work on the many gadgets which they say every creative should have but you can’t afford for another…yeah we really don’t need to go there.

  1. You’ll Get Depressed When You’re not Making $9000 by the Third Week like that Successful Creative Did

Meg Jay described this as availability heuristics. We only look at the success stories and don’t look at the reality which is a bad way of operating in any way. I’m all for positivity but hey, most creatives take at least five years before they start becoming profitable enough to be called successful. So don’t worry that you’re taking longer than two days to get on Forbes List for Highest Earning Creative (If there’s such a thing) (take the hint Forbes).

  1. You’ll Spend A lot of Money on Food and Coffee

Instead of fighting it just buy the food in bulk and cheap warehouses and start an exercis regimen.

  1. You’ll Feel Like You’re Not Achieving Much Compared to Your Age-mates

My advice…stop stalking on Facebook so much. They’re just putting on fancy clothes and posing with phones with good cameras then going back to their dingy apartment and eating ramen noodles because there’s too much month at the end of their salary. Don’t be fooled…even if they’re not…the thought that they are just motivated you a little didn’t it?

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