Hidden Figures: Tanatswa Version

I’m a highly capable Negro woman who can create world’s never known before and bring them into reality. On any given day I can come up with an innumerable amount of storyboards and ideas. I’m a talented and hard-working individual in environments that are conducive to creativity and respectable towards workers. I don’t work in this field just for passion but to make a career and viable business from it. Because at the end of the day humans in general don’t want to just do what they love but to be rewarded for doing the things that they love. Isn’t that why parents (especially Negro and Asian parents) discourage their children from creative pursuits? Because they don’t see a solid future and for a people who for generations had no future, a solid future is the epitome of our freedom. And the epitome of freedom for the current generation of people of colour is the right to pursue our ideals without the boundaries that previous generations experienced. We seek to have all the advantages afforded to us by our freedom, expand that freedom and never stagnate. So yes, I am a female Negro creative and yes I make a living from it.

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