Haven’t You Ever Thought of Me?

this little sappy excerpt was inspired by a k-drama I once saw. Perhaps I’ve mentioned it before in this blog. Comment below if you know it

Haven’t you ever thought about me? In the middle of the night when your lights are turned off and all that’s with you are your thoughts. Have those thoughts ever been filled with me? During those times in the middle of the day when surrounding by your friends and posse, have I ever crept into your mind and made you drift off to a place far away from where you are. Thoughts of where I am…

Haven’t you ever missed me? With my quirky expressions and shifting moods. With the change of the weather when it suddenly becomes cold even if you cuddle with someone if that’s someone isn’t me it feels like you’re cuddling alone. Haven’t you ever missed me and seen me all over the place and in your haste to get to me found that it someone else who looks nothing like me…

Haven’t you ever wished that maybe if you had seen what was before you when it was there you would have cared like you cared a little more? Absence makes the heart grow fonder but what if the ground in which it was to grow is no longer there. You can sow no more. Haven’t you ever wished….

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