Delays with the Podcast and Resurrecting my Dead YouTube Channel

I was meant to launch the podcast and implement another surprise by now but due to factors out of my control they have been put on hold at the moment. One of the factors is that I was meant to have a Canon Gx7 by now and there were things demanding my finances that prevented me from being able to get it. Yes, it’s a visual podcast. So it looks at present the the podcast will be coming in 2021.
In other news I’ve resurrected my YouTube channel because I have always wanted to do that consistently lol. My first video in years is a bit controversial but it was fun to make considering I was stuck at home alone that day. You can check out the video below.

And in other life updates…had anyone else had their wisdom teeth grow for years on end? Right now I’m nursing my poor jaw because my back teeth have decided to grow again. I used to wonder why in America they pull those things out but honestly now I understand 😭. Maybe I’ll enter the Guinness Book of Records for wisdom teeth that took the longest to grow because these things have been growing since u was fifteen…that’s a decade😱.

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