I Launched a Patreon

So a launched a Patreon a few days ago where there’ll be exclusive content as every other Patreon has these days. The very existence of Patreon is proof that creatives want to be rewarded and appreciated for their work and not feel like they are just burning themselves out for pennies or air.
One of the testimonials on the site is from a man who has worked as a comedian for over two decades where he talks about how it’s nice how he doesn’t have to worry about an algorithm anymore and complying to a set of rules that are creatively restricting.
The creative freedom that Patreon offers is awesome, the only downside is that you don’t get your audience organically like on things like YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Often your audience from somewhere else follow you there.
One of the things that bothers me though us how the growth of OnlyFans seems to have preferred that of Patreon. Patreon specifically advertises itself as a place to promote creatives while OnlyFans due to its late number of sex workers (no slut shaming) has got a reputation of being a sort of X-rated area. That’s why I discouraged someone I know initially from creating an OnlyFans. I should have just told them that stop asking other people for advice that doesn’t affect their lives but only yours.
But my point behind OnlyFans is that creators over there tend to make more than creators on Patreon because “sex sells” or is it that sex sells or we’ve been socialized to act in certain ways for certain industries? We’ve been taught that the arts are a hobby and anyone that wants to make a living from it is crazy while those who go to the red light districts already have broken all rules and perceived decorum and that fascination makes people willing to spend cash on there (especially the paypigs who find pleasure in draining their bank accounts to the point of destitution).
I guess part of my purpose is to deconstruct the ideas behind the creative industry and promote a healthy respect for the work we do. Part of me is also tempted though to try joining the findom again through OnlyFans and have paypigs empty their bank accounts into my PayPal, but I’m not about that life anymore😪🐧

Check out my Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/tanatswaforever or support me on http://www.paypal.com/tanatswaforever or send me an email at aaliyahzadok@gmail.com for other convenient ways to get me a cuppa

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