Good News About the Podcast 🤩

So the podcast will probably be out before 2021 people! The beauty of the creative industry is that miracles can happen when you least expect them. So now I’ve finished with the biggest news the next thing to note is that I’ve decided to not make it a visual podcast but an audio podcast which means changing quite a few things around.

I’ve been binging BBC sounds podcasts lately and analyzing what makes some podcasts more interesting than others because…well nerd lol. And I’ve come to the conclusion that podcasts come out best and bring out the message best in audio form. To be honest audio podcasts aren’t the lazy man’s out for creating content because they still require a lot of effort and (shudder) editing.

I’ll be posting the podcast episodes on the website and onto Spotify and iTunes. I’m currently researching how I can make the podcast downloadable on the website the same way that Yin Chang and BBC sounds does it. I’m becoming more tech savvy yo🐧. Personally I don’t always have Wi-Fi connection so being able so being able to download podcasts versus listening to them them online really helps.

Have you ever noticed how many things are designed to cater to people in first world countries? I know that many of the things that I refer to would have been probably made in a first world country but it would nice if they would make third world friendly modifications. But I guess costs may vary from third world country to third world country. Because from I gather the data in Nigeria and Ghana is quite affordable which is why there are so love scammers there (because WiFi access plus poverty plus high unemployment makes the youth look for unscrupulous ways to make money).

But that’s enough of going off tangent. Until next time!

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