I’m Gaining Momentum

I once talked about treating your creative endeavors like a business. I’m also a person who says that you should practice what you preach. And this is me practising what I preach because I’ve registered my own business. My creative company is a separate legal body that can sue or be sued. It’s in the process of being fully registered now but the name has been cleared.

My initial choice for a name was “Lurk in Your Quirk” but apparently some assh…darling had taken it so I went with my second choice “Lurks and Quirks” which I’ve actually grown to like more than “Lurk in Your Quirk” . But I’m not someone that gives up things easily. The company has a “Lurk in Your Quirk” division that handles production and another division called “Quirky Lit” that handles publications. Now I can be in complete control of my intellectual property and what is done to it.

I was introduced recently to a very successful poet with millions of followers called Pierre Alex Jeanty. His marketing is so good that I’m definitely gifting myself his bestselling books “Her” and “Her” volume 2. Studying his website and social media has made me realize what needs to be done in order to be successful as an independent creative.

Another thing that I love now about officially being a creative entrepreneur is that anyone that I work with from now on is now working with “Lurks and Quirks” company and not just an individual. This also attracts legitimate people to work with you because legitimate people attract legitimate people.

I’ve done many businesses before but this is the first that has been registered. I’m proud of myself though. This is a small step for me and a huge step for the creative world. Yes I just adulterated a Lance Armstrong quote but I’m just so happy right now so bear with me.

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