Coronavirus has been Good for Creativity

There’s a story that I’ve heard many pastors say and it goes like this. “A businessperson went on holiday and liked the fish there so much that he decided to ship the fish over to his own country. But by the time the fish would arrive to his country the meat would be soft, squishy and tasteless. So in the shipment tank of the fish he started to put a natural predator of the fish with them. Throughout the ship ride the fish would be fighting with their predator and by the time they arrived their meat would be firm and delicious.”

The message behind the story is that opposition is what keeps us in our best state. If you listen to the stories of people who have reached their goals many of them talk about not knowing what to do afterwards. That’s where coronavirus has helped us. I’m not saying the death of millions of people, several months or lockdown and recession resulting from the lockdown is good but in even the roughest storms a rainbow can shine I guess. That’s the mentality one has to adapt if you come from a country like mine (Zimbabwe) otherwise you’ll die from stress.

And the rainbow in this entire coronavirus situation has been that it has given creatives time to focus on their art and re-evaluate what you really want from life. One thing that became clear to me is that not making a living from what you want to do is not a choice. That it’s better to keep your passion as a hobby if it’s not financially profitable.

Growing up my dad always told me to listen to the financial teachings of Robert Kiyosaki and in his teachings Robert always mentioned that one needs to have at max six months living expenses to cover the tough times. And to be honest, if you live in a third world country than I would say that it would be safer to have a year’s worth of living expenses saved up because we don’t have that first world cushion. Now tell me how you can have that much living expenses saved up when you’re not making a living in the first place…

This was a time to lay down a foundation for a creativity especially because there have been alot of organizations and government initiatives around the world (even in Zimbabwe) that are aiding business people (remember when I say “think of your creative pursuits as a business”?)

Some of the world’s best works have been produced in the most dire times. If we are to get truly morbid about it “Diary of a Young Girl” was written during a time of extreme duress.

So many people have been posting about the fact that if you didn’t take the opportunity to start your dream during lockdown then it was never lack of time that was stopping you in the first place. I think everyone realizes that particular hidden blessing, but of all the people posting about that how many people have actually been doing something?

The fact that you’re reading this means that you come from a place of privilege since you have access to a device that can log into the web. Many people during lockdown were stuck in inhumane and dirty conditions that were breeding places for diseases with much higher fatality rates than corona. It’s almost an insult to not take advantage of the opportunity when you’re a part of a group that has the privilege.

That thought kind of was a hit around the head for me. Coming from a third world country the reality of how poor one can get are humbling and terrifying. I’ve learned in life that you can never assume that it’ll never happen to you. I’m not one that supports scare tactics…unless they’re the absolute truth and have no hidden agenda. One thing that is well known about people in the creative industry is that there are writers who have never written anything, artists who have never drawn or painted let alone held an exhibition and actors who have never even done a skit on their phones. Let’s leave that behind in 2020, along with the coronavirus.

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