Drowning and Mourning

If I could swim to the depths of the seas

And face all the darkness and fears

Deal with the cold and profanities I’d hear

I’d do it so that I could return to you

Because life without you feels like drowning

So the answer must be in the water

Will I start to breathe again

If I dive down deep enough?

What was not enough?

I blame myself for not being there

When you went away,

When your soul transcended from it’s cage

And became free

Leaving me bound

Bound in my pain and sorrow

That fluctuates like waves and the currents

You were the clear weather

That kept the waters calm

I’m not a surfer so I don’t revel when I see waves

I stay close to the beach

Mostly because I’m afraid of sharks

Perhaps your death was the biggest message

To swim to the furthest part of the ocean you can reach

Because land or water…

Life will end eventually

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