Creatives Who Aren’t Creating

The creative field is rife with writers who don’t write, artists who don’t draw, dancers who haven’t danced in years (or at all). In other words, creatives who don’t create. Why aren’t we creating anything? I don’t know about why other creatives aren’t creating but I know why there have been seasons (read that as years) where I identified as a creative, a writer, a storyteller but had nothing to show for it.

Personally it started because I started working instead of concentrating on my creative career. Every job I took ended up taking the majority of my time and energy and by the time I could sit down to write and plan my creative pursuits I was too tired and drained to do anything at all. In the future I’ll probably make some videos detailing my suck-ish work history and why working for people sucks hard. SO HARD. But for now we’ll just leave it at the fact that these jobs left me no time for anything else.

The cycle went on for years because I kept believing the advice that you need a “proper” job to fund your creative career. I never took into consideration that many of the people offering the advice were coming from first world countries where people have credit cards, credit scores, efficient loan systems and soup kitchens…hell, even the guys in prison are given decent food and more humane conditions than non-criminal people do in third-world countries. That work as a waitress to fund your art thing didn’t work for me in South Africa and it sure as hell didn’t work for me in Zimbabwe. But I kept believing these Americans (because it’s mostly Americans giving out this advice), so I worked hard and got f**ked in the ass.

And getting f**ked in the ass at work left me with no energy or motivation to pursue my craft. Perhaps that’s why teens are so creative. Schools give them an opportunity to grow their talents (sometimes) without the hassles of being an adult…or what we perceive to be an adult.

But even without working there were times when I had alot of free time but still didn’t create anything. Sometimes it would be because I would be burned out and needed time to recuperate (and after my last “job”) I really needed to recuperate. Other times it was because the environment that I was trying to work from wasn’t conducive to creativity. Working from home didn’t work all the time and when I was renting most of the places I lived in killed my creative muse (which made me discover that environment is everything).

So the reason that I was a creator that wasn’t creating was because I was distracted and in the wrong places… besides the times I was broke and didn’t have access to WiFi.

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