Turning into an Unstoppable Creative

I’m reading the book “Rebel Without a Crew” and the author talks about how he was told in high school that and one of his teachers saw that he had creative talent. He told Eric (the author whose last name I do not know) that he had creative talent and that not many people possess creative talent, but the thing that holds most creatives back is not having the technical skills behind their art form which leaves us vulnerable to the manipulation within the creative industry.

I mean as a writer, you spend so much time writing your novel, then you need to get an agent, then the agent finds someone who may want your book. You waste months of your time pitching yourself to agents who won’t give you the time of day of the time and feel invalidated when your story gets rejection after rejection. Because you don’t know how to market, sell and have your novel available in bookstores. Basically they know nothing about publishing…or should I say we know nothing about publishing. I’m not going to be that person that acts like they’re above the bullshit because I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time going through agent directories etc.

And this advice isn’t only applicable to writers but to creatives in every field. If you want to be a filmmaker or say that you’re a filmmaker what do know about producing or directing. If you want to be a dancer then what do you know about choreography? I mean seriously, why do we allow the biggest aspect of our careers to be in the complete control of people who either consider us a number. But we’re special. In fact the fact that we consider a career that has no clear path to success means we are special. We know we’re special so we need to have people that treat our art work as special.

We all know that there’s so much discouragement in this field. In fact the only time we ever get encouraged is when we’re kids and have no bills to pay. We don’t need to have constant rejection thrown in our faces all the time. The only way that we can escape all the bullshit is by taking full control of our craft and to do that we need to overcome our fear of the technical aspects of our professions.

And we do have a fear. For most creatives we choose our art form because it allows us to express our ideas without boundaries so naturally technical stuff with its seemingly the endless rules isn’t an attractive option . But it’s much better option.

If creatives learn the technical aspects they’re unstoppable. We’re unstoppable. Because we’re constantly looking to other people to bring our craft to light we are stopped. Whether it’s the art gallery manager, casting director etc. Who are they really to say whether or not you can or cannot make a career out of your craft. Just make your craft.

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