An Encounter with a Filmmaker

The guy was eager to work with me, but I wasn’t willing to work with him. Why? Because first of all he didn’t have a screenplay software or know the formatting of a screenplay. If you’re really interested about something you at least have knowledge of what you need to fulfill the role even if you can’t afford it yet. But I would have been willing to work with him until I saw that his movie budget did not include paying the people he would be working with…

When I noticed this, we had a long argument where I basically told him that he can’t expect people to work with him without them getting some form of payment. The most ridiculous thing was applying for funding and his reasoning was that he had the budget as small as possible in order to be granted the money. But any reasonable investor would call bullshit on a budget that cuts out essential things…like paying workers.

As far as I know he hasn’t produced anything so I’m assuming that he wasn’t granted the money. Which I have to have to mention might be karma.

I remember reading one of Donald Trump’s books. In the book he mentions that there was an excited building contractor that contacted him telling how he could build the world’s tallest building with very little money in a crazy short amount of time. And Donald rejected the idea saying just because having a small budget and quick turnover doesn’t make something a good idea and showed that the building contractor was a novice or crazy. He didn’t want a building that would collapse and kill people. (Just a side note for fact Nazis: these aren’t his words exactly, but me interpreting what he said).

I’m not sure how often this happens, but I know in my country use the excuse that we have a bad economy to shortchange people in all areas of society. Even worse in the entertainment and arts sector. The thing that really got to me was the aspiring filmmaker wasn’t even willing to take consideration finding some form of compensation whether it was bartering or maybe them later or from dividends from the movie.

Well when we don’t want to compensate each other fairly that results in the shortchanger not getting far in the game as someone I know has basically stopped their own career….but that’s tomorrow’s story.

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