Why I Now Post on Instagram Three Times at Once

I’ve been working on my Instagram to boost my modeling career. And yes I model. I’ve been studying the Instagram of successful models in my country to figure out how they do it and noticed on their profile there were pictures that were split into six or nine (multiples of three) pictures to create a sort of mosaic effect. So I found a way to do that and did that…although the people checking out my feed were probably super confused. Not to mention that the most liked picture from split image was one that had a close up of my boobs…
But there’s something that I have learned besides the fact that boobs really sell and that’s that I need to use a image organizer before posting because about a day after I wanted to post something only to find it completely threw my split image off hinge and made it look weird. In order to maintain my split image I now have to post three pictures at a time. Well you live and learn. It’s not a bad thing and it’s amazing to know that even with small things you’re constantly learning something new in the creative field🐧.

*I totally added the penguin because I noticed that my post was 199 words and I wanted to reach past 200 for no particular reason except I just couldn’t leave it at 199. And I know an emoji isn’t a word but the software doesn’t 😌 *

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