It’s only on a long sorjourn

That I reflect with fondness on my home.

The moving clouds and endless grass

Critters and creatures all en masse

The beauty it radiates after it rains

Such beauty makes the appeal of modern Life fade

I look over the hills and rainbows

God’s beautiful creations on show

My heart will always return to it’s heaven’s veil

Because my home is Helensvale

I’ve been thinking about home alot lately even though I’m living there lol. I suppose each home I’ve had plays a large part in my life. People have always tried to shove down my throat what my idea of home should be and where I should be finding my identity, but I have learned that my identity is something that I choose for myself and is the sum total of ALL my experiences in life rather than those that fit the box of what is acceptable for a black African woman. Just because my experience doesn’t match every other person of my race or nationality doesn’t invalidate it.

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