OnlyFans Sucks

I tried to open an OnlyFans. The site is notorious for sex workers but many creatives ha e actually been making a decent living off of it. Okay, I’m lying, people have been making a killing off of the website. Bella Thorne managed to make more than a million as soon as she opened an account….I’m not jealous…my skin color just naturally becomes green from…other people making loads of money without putting in a lot of effort…

So I tried to make an OnlyFans account. And I succeeded. But then there’s a little thing that I didn’t expect… actually it’s something that I have actually come to expect considering the part of the world that I come from. And it is that I can’t make money off of OnlyFans simply because my country is not on the list of countries allowed to make money on OnlyFans. But ironically like alot of other sites I can send money and pay other members on OnlyFans, but I’m not actually allowed to make money.

I know technically speaking these websites often say that due to laws blah blah blah, but if that’s the case then why do these sites allow us to pay money. Because I know for sure that my country does everything it can in order to avoid money leaving the country and allowing foreign currency in the country. I just have this sense that they don’t really want to be hassled with the technicalities of allowing payment to go through so they take the easy way out.

So that’s why OnlyFans sucks. Inclusivity goes much farther than just adding black people to a sitcom. We need to start having the conversation that discrimination in this world goes much deeper than we could have imagined and in order to get the system into some form of fairness I’m going to be one of the people that speak out against some of these forms of discrimination that are virtually ignored.

4 thoughts on “OnlyFans Sucks”

  1. Bella Thorne is a D-list celebrity, though.

    Somehow prostitution doesn’t seem like being free from oppression. Serving all types of people (a lot of them have dubios morals) and then being a part of a website that just wants to use people to make profit?

    Inclusivity may be different things for a lot of people, but I think having a fair go at a respectable place where you can grow based on your skills and work ethic makes much more sense than a place where you’re valued (temporary!) based on what you look like.

    Being an adult doesn’t mean we need to partake in every aspect of adulthood, including crime and prostitution, just because it’s out there.

    What would Zama say, lol (probably go for it, lmao!)


    1. There are also a lot of professional creatives and business people on OnlyFans as well, unfortunately though it’s now known for sex workers because they dominate the site.
      Lol, I know Bella isn’t all that but she still qualifies as a B-list celebrity in most cases. Her notoriety though and quasi-relationship with Tana Mongeau and Mod Sun gave her enough online fans that when she joined OnlyFans she made more than any other person in the first few hours. Which ruined the platform for many people and she issued an apology. Now I still to Patreon though, it’s much more inclusive


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