The World is Getting Smaller…So Buy Me a Coffee

Here is an OnlyFans alternative called Buymeacoffee that the sex workers haven’t fully discovered yet. Or maybe they have and they’re just more low-key about it than OnlyFans. It’s called Buy Me a Coffee.

So I was scrolling through Facebook one day and came across an advert for Buy Me a Coffee and why it was a better alternative to Patreon. So I clicked on the link, made an account and set it up. It was much easier to make than a Patreon actually. And there were payout options for people in my country with no problem (side-eyes OnlyFans).

So when I created my Buy Me a Coffee account I shared the link with my friends to ask them what they thought. One of my friends is in India and was shocked go see me share a Buy Me a Coffee link. Why? Because he went to the same high school as the creator of the website/apk Jijo Sunny. He didn’t think that Jijo Sunny had become that big that people in Zimbabwe were also using the apk.

That made me want to support Buy Me a Coffee even more. Why? Because it’s not only user-friendly and inclusive but created by a third-worlder. The fact it was created by a third worlder is huge for me is because when first worlders often create things and provide services they do it from a first world perspective and first world privilege. First worlders tend not to realize that not everyone has access to credit cards, credit facilities or even loan companies. Not everyone comes from a stable economy and they unknowingly make their products only available to first worlders (cough OnlyFans coughcough*). But someone coming from a third world country would understand the struggles that we go through and make it available to other third worlders like me. And that’s exactly what Jijo had done and not only has he done that but when people complain or make suggestions he listens and tried to accommodate them….unlike other platforms.

It’s not like I want to be harsh with other platforms, but you constantly run into roadblocks not because of lack of talent and intelligence but because those opportunities are blocked because of you being a citizen of a country that you never chose to be born in. So businesses such as Jijo’s should be supported and encouraged so that other businesses take the cue and begin to consider non-first worlders.

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