Classism in Creativism

I’ve been watching Jane the Virgin recently and in an episode that I just watched Jane is caught in a conundrum when Rafael has to fire people from the hotel. Jane’s friends Frankie is the one that’s chosen. Her friends don’t take things very well and think that she’s not doing enough to help her friend keep her job. But at the same time Jane can’t push her position at the company to do people favors. And they sort of ice her out when they figure that out.

One of the reasons that classism exists is because sometimes when people of different backgrounds interact there are intense misinterpretions that happen and cause conflict unless the people are open-minded enough to be able to interact with other people without prejudice (and prejudice isn’t only done by people of higher status).

I remember a girl making a big fuss because I washed dishes with gloves. She would criticize me and I would try to explain to her that I wanted to break into body part modeling so I was trying to keep my hands well groomed. She would scoff. Needless to say I ended up not liking her at all and not wanting to interact with her. For her using gloves was needlessly bougie.

In another circumstance I knew this girl coming from a very rich background who couldn’t do some things because she was used to other people doing them for her. She always needed help as she was learning. I got irritated because I felt like she was treating me like a servant always asking for help. What’s ironic is that I’m usually super patient with people still learning something and I wasn’t patient with her.

I always keep in mind that in every story there’s their side, the other side then there’s the truth. The truth in the above circumstances is that we could not reconcile our differences in background, finances, class enough to interact without barriers.

In many circumstances people who have alot of resources are oblivious to people with less. Suggesting things that other parties can’t afford and unconsciously making the other party feel inadequate and unable to participate.

In other circumstances people with alot less than a particular person may shun them as a snob even when the person is not simply because the person comes from a better background or has more resources. Although this is an element of classism that isn’t discussed often because nobody wants to talk about any struggles that “privileged” people go through.

One often or sometimes experiences classism in the creative industry as well. I know I have. Creatives that are of higher status don’t want to interact with those of a lower status. Creatives of a lower status often criticize those of a higher status for “selling out”. Racial prejudice is called racism. Prejudice based on skin tone is called colorism…so is prejudice on the creative industry called “creativism”?. I don’t care, that’s what I’ll call it. Creativism. Classism in Creativism. Wow I just decided on the title of this entry.

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