Milwordy is Helping Me with Blogging…but not with my novels

So I decided to try and commit to Milwordy as few months ago…and failed. I like to comfort myself knowing that probably less than one percent of the people who embark on this journey have managed to accomplish it….but it’s not comforting.

In order to achieve Milwordy, which is writing one million words in one year you need to write about 2,700words per day which if writing is your full time career it’s perfectly possible….but then writers have this amazing ability to not actually get any writing done. Haha (not actually funny😑).

I joined Milwordy to get those novels out of me but now I’m finding it easier to write blog posts than novel chapters. I don’t know if this is a writers dilemma or ADHD at this point. But I really need to get my books out there. My books have been inside me since I was twelve years old and wanted to publish for the first time.

I once read a Zimbabwean woman author talk about how when she wanted to write her own book after getting encouragement from her teenage son, she wrote three hundred words in one day and felt proud with herself. When she told her son her “accomplishment” he laughed at her and told her to be serious. Which is how she managed to fully write and publish her novel.

Perhaps I dwell in a zone where my stories are amazing in my head and when I see them on paper I have to deal with the possibility that they will turn out completely different from what’s happening inside my head.

And I guess I live inside my head. I zone out so many times which is normal for ADHD. There are moments when I think that I might want to try taking Concerta (Adderall isn’t legal in southern Africa and for good reason it’s a really intense drug), but then with drug use there’s the risk that it will calm my mind enough to concentrate but also enough that my creativity doesn’t flow the same way. Then again I think about starting a coffee habit because caffeine has the ability to slow down the ADHD mind in order to focus.

I’m generally holistic in my approach to things so I’ll definitely be trying the caffeine route for now and joining author support groups. Then with more resources I’ll be doing ADHD therapy. Then medication will be a last resort if things haven’t significantly improved.

I don’t want to be one of those creatives that die with alot of their brilliant ideas left in their minds. And I won’t let a neurodevelopmental disorder stand in my way. Well it doesn’t stand in my way, it actually helps me have numerous ideas and stories all the time. But it can be a stumbling block in implementing them. Which is what I should be doing now by writing my novel instead of updating my blog, but hey at the very least I’ve managed to acknowledge that I have an issue.

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