Happy Holidays

I can’t believe that the year is almost over. Last year I did a live stream on YouNow that was probably my most popular Livestream because there were so many people on it. I guess it was a reflection that many people are alone during the holidays (and no I don’t celebrate Christmas but Merry Christmas to those that do).

It just feels like yesterday when I travelled for the last holidays before coronavirus restricted our movements. I was drinking with my family and dancing. Now I’m…lol let’s not go there. If anything I’ve learned to appreciate all the small things I took for granted like…breathing without a mask. Hugging anyone without fear that they’ll give you a disease….

So now I’m days away from entering 2021 and being the homebody that I am I’m probably going to spend it at home. Not because of coronavirus( although for once it won’t seem weird that I’m home during New Year’s) but because I don’t really feel in a social mood and New years is a nice time to pray…that 2021 doesn’t turn out like 2020.

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