The Divorce of Shayna Klee/The Emancipation of the Purple Palace

A Youtuber that I follow called Purple Palace recently announced that she’s getting divorced and her story could not have come out at a better time for me.

To be honest sometimes I wonder if I should share my darkest and hardest stories because I don’t want to face the potential censure that o may face from it. I mean, I come from Africa where people can shame you for things that shouldn’t be shamed for a hundred years after the story came out. Sharing our toughest moments can be hard, but watching Shayna open up reminded me that I don’t tell stories for the judgemental bigots but for the people (even if it’s just one) that will be touched and helped by my journey.

Shayna shared that she’s now separated from her husband and getting a divorce. I won’t get into those details but what I resonated with the most is that she mentioned that starting afresh is a beautiful and painful thing. It’s scary to start over. But it’s vital for our growth.

This message came at the right time which is the power of authentically sharing our journey. I don’t know if Shayna will ever read this or ever know how she impacted my life with her story but that also reminds me that I’m making an impact even though I might never know it. But anyway, I’m including her in my prayers so that as she makes the transition in her life she’ll will meet love, acceptance and kindness wherever she goes.

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