Imagine Elizabeth Being Black

I love Elizabeth from the Queen’s Gambit. But throughout the series I thought that the show would have been much much better if Elizabeth was black. Why? Because it would be so cool to see a black woman break racial and gender barriers in order to become a world chess champion.

The Queen’s Gambit is a fictional story so that would have been a possibility. It would have been amazing to see a black woman not in what we’re used to seeing in traditional media but as a intelligent and talented lady.

I’m media black women rarely have the opportunity to see ourselves in narratives that aren’t derogatory (being constantly portrayed as slaves or baby Mama’s is an insult). Even if fictional we need to see positive stories of ourselves.

And as a black girl that has not always felt integrated into the black community it’s really important to see women like myself (not just in race but in personality and character) portrayed positively and allowed to have their journeys without the slut-shaming and other forms of shaming that people have normalized against black women.

Why black in particular is because black women aren’t always portrayed as being intelligent or possibly having cognitive differences like autism or ADHD. I related with Elizabeth in thr Queen’s Gambit so much because I could recognize the traits of cognitive difference in her. She shows all the signs of someone who is autistic without having it shoved in our faces. As someone who is also cognitively different I can recognize and appreciate how she was portrayed. Without giving it labels the audience was being taught to respect and accept people who are different.

That would be a cool pitch though for another series or movie. A talented black girl with a cognitive difference who goes through my trails and a bumpy journey but eventually reaches her goal.

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