The Eurovision Movie

I just watched the Eurovision Movie starring Will Farrell and Rachel McAdams. I suppose it was to compensate for the fact that Eurovision was unable to be held this year due to coronavirus. It was a funny and touching movie where Rachel was more the star than Will.

Since we’re living in 2020 (and if you’re not living in 2020 then I have some tales to tell you) we need some more funny and uplifting movies to help us…not feel like killing ourselves. I’m only partially talking with tongue in cheek.

To be honest when I tried watching it the first time I thought it would be boring and didn’t make it past ten minutes but then decided to give it a chance the next day when I discovered Demi made an appearance in the movie and Googled about what happened to Demi in the movie. Spoiler alert: her character dies. I wanted to find out how she died and got pleasantly surprised.

The movie was funny and uplifting. Nothing astounding in the plotline really but it reminded me that every dreamer gets discouraged…I mean look at Joseph in the Bible.

I think it would have been more unique if they had incorporated more of the other competitors from other countries. There were actual Eurovision past competitors in the movie like Bilal Hassani. I actually shrieked out “Bilal!” when I saw him/them (he’s French so idk what pronouns he/they use. I’m not sure of LGBT terminology in French yet but I’ve noticed he/they use male pronouns in reference to themselves). I would have loved to see more of Bilal…okay maybe I’m biased…I just wanted to see more Bilal. He/they are not uploading enough videos on their channel these days lol. I miss hearing him/them sing “Bonsoir Pariiiiiiiiiiiis yeahhhhh”.

I couldn’t help but wonder if Rachel sung for the role herself so I Googled it and apparently she sung but they found an Icelandic singer with a voice similar to her to sing most of the parts so very little of Rachel’s voice was used. The actual singer was a lady called My, Marianne. The performances throughout the movie were entertaining. I nearly thought that because it was a comedy movie they would not pay much attention to the music but the musical performances were great.

Okay, maybe I just have a thing for productions with musical acts. Music moves me. I actually got the final song Secret sang (Rachel McAdam’s character) because it touched me.

Ultimately what I learned from the movie was that if you’re an amazing, beautiful and talented woman don’t get tied down with a guy who honestly is holding you down with his own lack of talent. Secret had the talent and personality to make it to Eurovision by herself but she seemed to only find worth in being with Lars. Which I guess is an issue that many women face. But of course it wouldn’t be a true comedy without the bumbling male idiot lead.

In the end they both end up back in their home town except now they’re a couple. Which is honestly the typical way the romantic comedies go. The girl choosing “true love” over greater things. But I’m the girl who when the teacher asked the class in Grade Eight whether we would want true love or ten million dollars, I chose the ten million dollars. Not that I wouldn’t want true love but I knew that love isn’t something limited and if I got the ten million dollars there would be a chance of getting true love but there’s a much lower chance of getting ten million dollars when you get true love.

Secret wasn’t confident in herself and so wouldn’t perform confidently without Lars (co-dependency syndrome) and limited herself. She had the opportunity to do better and grow larger but she didn’t take it. And ask any woman if getting the man of their dreams solved their problems and made them happy…I think we know thr answer.

Something else that I loved about the movie was that Rachel went out partying all the night, drank with the Russian guy and the guy took her back to his home….and let her sleep without doing anything to her. Yes to normalizing consent.

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