Logan’s Paul’s “2020” Song and Happy New Year…I hope

I think that’s the most relatable of the year. I’m not a fan of Logan Paul so I actually passed the song in my recommendations many times before curiosity overtook me and I pressed “play”.

Well it’s not Mariah Carey but I think I’ve played it more than any other song for the past two days. Anything that can accurately depict what we went through this year should hit platinum I’m my opinion.

It was ironic that at the beginning of 2019 there was a shitstorm happening in my country and a colleague of mine said “2019 is over for, 2020 is my year” in January of 2019….yeah they were suckerpunched really good weren’t they? But finally 2020 has come to an end…and coronavirus decided to release covid 2.0 as a New Year gift. 🤦🏽‍♀️

I never thought World War Three would be every country in the world against a virus😐. We really are living in modern times. Jesus can you please come now?

I’m not actually joking, like seriously Jesus… we’ve been through a lot.

Besides all this though I still have faith, hope and love for 2021. 2020 may have been the extremely painful labour pains that we needed in order to give birth to a big bouncy baby of a better world.

But at the end of it all…if nothing else good came from all this then at least for the first time ever I could stay at home for months, not bath for days, watch TV all day and be considered a good citizen lol.

But in all reality cheer to the futhermocking new year 🥂. I think that the new year has a lot in store for us… hopefully not in the form of a disease.

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