Dear 2021

Dear 2021,

In light of your dear sibling 2020 who we would all like to hang on the stake and decapitate, we do beseech you to act in a much more becoming way. As the entire world continues to suffer from the effects of some weirdo consuming bat we have also decided that as the people of the world we will endeavor in future meals not to eat anything that has no business being near our mouths.

But then again, the nonsense of eating bat may have averted a World War and paused a fire that was out to destroy Australia…I have no idea how but it’s a possibility.

I’m sorry that the burden of being the good child has fallen on your shoulders, but if you try to act up like 2020 we will be forced to take action.

But my dear 2021, do feel comfortable and at home. Bring plenty of love, sunshine, happiness and blessings.

Yours faithfully,

The World

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