Let’s Take This Seriously

This is a morose story. But the first news my mother and I received this new year was that someone we knew died at midnight on New Year’s from coronavirus. He was young and had a young family. They had twins five months and their eldest was four years. His children will not know their father and his wife will be a widow for the new year.

People let’s quarantine and avoid all travel of possible. If that’s not possible carry your own sanitizer and always wear a mask. I have sensory processing disorder so wearing a mask can feel like suffocating to me, but I still wear it. If I’ve reached my limit I make sure I’m six feet away from anyone.

If you have flu like symptoms, alert those around you. Sanitize your surroundings constantly. Drink alot of fluids especially those rich in antioxidants like green tea. Improve your diet and include alot of homemade soups, fruits and veggies. If having issues breathing, lay on your stomach and have someone run your back or put a hot pack on your back. Resist the urge to work stay at home and rest.

If you’re working at a place that’s forcing people to work even if test positive. Reveal the information anonymously and it will go viral on social media pressuring the company to close for lockdown until there are no covid-19 cases detectable at the workplace.

Stay and home and cook your own food instead of eating out. And rather get it delivered and keep a distance from the delivery guy.

I’m saying all this because people aren’t disease seriously until it affects them or someone close to them. Not taking this disease seriously is the reason that we are where we are right now.

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