Got Turnt This New Year’s

The party this year was litty! I stayed at home with my mom and prayed just the two of us!…Wot? You thought I was going to be actually partying after the cacophony that was 2020 (although I’d acknowledge that 2020 was actually a pretty good for me, don’t throw tomatoes at me please 😣).

Praying that in 2021 this pandemic ends. It’s been more than year since it broke out. According to research, the first case coronavirus was recorded in October/November 2019. Praying that we can walk the streets freely again. Praying that we don’t suffer from PSTD. Thanking God for keeping me and protecting me throughout 2020.

While praying at home, we heard our neighbors partying…out of covid regulations and lighting fireworks….

I’ll party when the world’s safe and healthy again. Parties come and go but life comes once. There are many versions of turning up.

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