Corona-Diaries: Why I’m Now Writing About This Now

During the time of Holocaust, Jews were encouraged to document their experiences. This is the reason why Anne Frank kept a diary and because we have Diary of a Young Girl. Surprisingly though I’ve never read any biographies about the time that the Spanish flu even though it affected the entire world back then. Maybe I haven’t just searched hard enough but then if someone had written a first hand narrative about what happened back then maybe people would have been more equipped to handle this current pandemic.

And I have alot of stories to tell about what happened during the entire world quarantine. From having to wear a mask when you have sensory processing disorder to seeking haven in the crevices of my mind in order to cope with the threat of a disease without cure looming and living in a country where there’s no basic health care and private hospital cost an arm and a leg. Everyone has a story to tell during this season. So I think everyone should get writing.

Perhaps the countries that were heavily affected by SARs during the early 2000s had been more detailed about their experience having an epidemic then we could have shut down our borders before the virus could spread. I heard that Taiwan had been badly affected by SARs and didn’t joke around when coronavirus broke out….thanks Taiwan, you could have given us all a heads up.

I guess coronavirus is a morose topic at the moment but in the future generations who never experienced it will want to know our stories and mine will one those that they read.

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